Swamped by incoming emails and chats? There is a way out.

Virtually For You Offers Email Management and Live Chat Support Services

Email Management Services That Are Always On Point And Exclusive To Your Business Needs

Imagine trying to work when your desk is buried under hundreds, or even thousands, of letters. For many people, that’s the reality of their email folder.

Simply put, email management is the way that you structure and organise your email.

When everything lands in the one folder (your inbox) it becomes super easy to lose track – the email equivalent of an avalanche! An email management system will ensure the messages you need to see are handled promptly. Emails will automatically be delivered to the correct folder, important messages will get replies immediately, SPAM will be instantly deleted and you can achieve inbox ZERO every day!

With appropriate email management solutions in place, your business feels manageable and you feel in control. So, if email management takes up way too much of your day, let us take it over for you!

Our email management systems:

  • Automatically sort different types of messages into their relevant folders
  • Monitor your email to make sure that any critical messages are immediately handled
  • Set up automatic follow up messages/replies? so your clients will never need to wait long for a response

And if your inbox is already packed with thousands upon thousands of old emails, we can:  

Go through every single one, delete the SPAM and out-of-date emails

Organise remaining emails into much more manageable subfolders.  

Let us take your email management off your plate so you can get back to doing the important task of running your business!



Live Chat Support Services in Australia

Our live chat support services mean that even when you’re not online, someone is there to answer a query or solve an issue right away. With live chat, it’s important to respond as fast as possible so your customers feel supported. Our specialised customer service consultants tackle enquiries and resolve issues with efficiency and care. With 24/7 availability, you can rest in peace!  

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